Free yourself from negativity of the mind and transform your life today. We use an intuitive healing method to solve health issues, boost your confidence, and rid you of stress, depression and other dis-eases of the body.
Intuitive Healing &
Natural Remedies 
Solutions from Nature for Physical
and Emotional Wellbeing 

 Emotional Well Being Services

  1. Emotion Code Therapy
    Our bodies talk to us with pain or dis-ease signals that when we ignore become a greater issues. Going to the root of the emotions held in our body we can release it and restore the energy flow
  2. Emotion Release Acupressure
    We apply pressure to release and restore balance to the body. Using this alternative therapy we gently release the emotion blocking the flow of vitality in the body.
  3. CranioSacral Therapy
    Dress comfortably as you lie back and enjoy a gentle hands on balance of the energy flow throughout the body. Clients comment that it feels as if they have had a full body massage without the heavy pressure.
  4. Reflexology
    Rest Relax Restore with reflexology. Manipulating the acupressure points of the feet hands and ears we are able to restore energy flow to the organs of the body.
  5. Smoking Cessation
    Stop Smoking today with the help of your subconscious mind. Everyone knows someone who has quit smoking but still says they’d like one with a drink, or after a meal. And what a terrible place that is to be. Having to deny yourself something you want all the time. The ‘stopped smoker’ courageously resists having a cigarette, while the non-smoker couldn’t think of anything worse than smoking That’s why I use an approach that helps you become a true nonsmoker,not just someone who is resisting smoking.
  6. Weight Loss
    Using a combination of alternative therapies we get to the emotional root of the weight you are holding on to and begin a journey towards better health and letting go of that protective layer so your body naturally and easily starts loosing weight for long term results
  7. Life Coaching
    Do you ever just need to know that there is someone in your corner, someone you can bounce ideas off of but that will keep you moving forward towards your goals? There are life coaches for business to sports, our focus is the emotion body health
  8. Stop Anxiety and Depression
    We restore you to a place of rapport within you subconscious mind and doing so releases what can only be described as anxiety or depression. Our approach has helped thousands to feel like themselves again.
  9. Nlp-Behavior Modification
    Stop that destruction pattern you are locked in. You are not a victim of life you can live victoriously with the resources that will get you there. I will teach you to tap into those resources and bring them to the surface of your life