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'The real contest is always between what you've
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yourself against yourself and nobody else.‛

Geoffrey Gaberino 


  1. While being treated at the University of Utah for 3 years for two fractured vertebras......... After 81 injections of Anastasia and 3 RFA (rhizotomy) procedures I had found myself worse...... later I found myself in the Magic Valley walking into a building where a woman with a warm smile welcomed me and introduced herself as Amy. We spent the next hour together. I value that experience and will keep it to myself but this much I will share. As I was driving home I pictured being lost in a place that seems unfamiliar and how much anxiety that can cause a person. The panic that sets in when you don’t know where you’re at and the almost immediate calm that comes over your body when you start to recognize where you are. This was me in that moment. I had felt lost for three years and when I walked out of Amy’s office I started recognizing where I was again in life. This experience had opened eyes blinded to what was possible. In short, this weekend had given me something that one of America’s finest medical facilities could not do. It had given me back my hope. I love my natural remedies for Pain relief - Chris E. Deuel
    Chronic Pain
  2. I am an 18 year old girl that has not had the easiest past; it has haunted me every single moment of my life until I recently met Amy. She is definitely my saving grace, if I hadn't met her I honestly don't know where I would be in my life. I have tried counseling and also at one time in my life I was on Doctor's medications. I am definitely not the person to believe in natural healing but after I went threw it and witnessed all the changes and different emotions; I am a firm believer. After my 1st visit with Amy, it was like I was a completely new person, I had finally released so much of my past that was keeping me from perusing my future. The best part is it only gets better after each visit; I am finally living my life to the fullest with nothing dragging me down. No words can describe just how much she helped me, she is surely a blessing to me. THANKS SO MUCH AMY!!! Sydney M.
    I have tried counseling
  3. I was diagnosed Bipolar when I was 17. I've been in and out of mental hospitals for going into psychosis. All of my relationships have suffered due to my mental illness. No one could stand to be around me. I couldn't hold a job. My uncontrollable anxiety and emotions ruined any chance of ever having a happy life, and I hated myself for it. I'm 34 now. I'm off my meds and for the first time ever, I'm calm. I'm sleeping. My relationships are very well. Someone even commented that I seem happy. This is a sentence I've never heard anyone tell me ever. Thank you Amy for the tools and coping strategies you have taught me. I'm SO grateful to have met you. Lisa
  4. I am not sure there are words for the sessions I have had with you and the work you do with energy healing. I wish I could tell everyone how amazing I feel after having some of the greatest break trough's with you. How having an open mind and an open heart could change your life for the better. All of my life I have carried burdens of others and most recently realized a burden I have carried for nearly 40 years. It is because of YOU that I no longer carry that burden. I feel the best I have in my entire life. I don't walk with my head down anymore when I walk, I noticed leaving your office that I was walking with my head held high. A new appreciation for MYSELF. I have a confidence in myself that has been missing for many years. I knew it was inside of me, but I just couldn't get it out. Or get it to stay out if it did make an appearance. Cranio Sacral has saved my life and saved my soul. Last week was the best week I have had in many, many years. And I owe this all to you and your help in healing me on the inside. What you do is absolutely AMAZING. I will forever be thankful for having found you and even more so thankful that I had an open mind and an open heart to allow my own personal journey to be a complete success. I've always shared your name and your healing ways with my friends and co-workers, especially those that I feel could benefit from some of your techniques. And I will forever do so because of the impact you have had on my life, an impact that will now last a lifetime for me. Thank you for your hard work and your caring ways. Thank you for being so compassionate. And thank you for getting me through what was the most difficult time in my life. Thank you for helping me find my way back to the new and improved, more confident and more happy...ME. Forever grateful,Dana A. Stewart
  5. I want to share how much the perfect you class has changed almost all aspects of my life. I entered the class dragging my feet a little. I had met Amy and had done a couple of sessions with her, so I knew I was interested in what she had to offer. But, I was very nervous about joining a group. I have been very nervous about being in crowds and I get very uneasy about speaking and joining into conversations. It has caused me a lot of anxiety and kept me from doing some of the things I have wanted to do. Amy gave us a paper at the beginning of the first class and ask us to write down "what do you want to accomplish with this class?" My answer was that I wanted to feel more comfortable in my own skin. I want to have energy to do the things that I WANT to do. And, I want to have confidence in myself. I thought these were strange goals for a "weight loss" class, but I know these are the things that hold me back from doing most everything I want or need to do. I am proud to say that in the past 2 months things have dramatically changed for me. I was able to go and do a job out of town with my family for 2 weeks. Normally this is stressful and frustrating. I made it through it with very little stress and have felt better than I have in years. I have taken a job demonstrating to groups of people. I could not have done that before. I love going to class each week, learning psych-k facilitator techniques, to let go of all the negative thoughts we let in, and focus on loving the person we are and the person we can become. We have the power to effect change in our lives, we only need to embrace it and become the person we want to be. The only one who is holding you back is yourself. Get out of your own way. Amy shows you how to do just that. Thank you for all the wisdom and encouragement you have given me, Amy. And thank you to all my classmates that have helped me by sharing their own victories and short comings. You have all helped me grow. Stephanie W
    Self Image Class
  6. I can never say enough about Amy’s help! What she’s done for me and taught me. I’ve learned and healed so much because of her. Gods blessed her with an amazing gift. I think anyone and everyone should experience what she can do. I’m so grateful she came into my life and for all of her help! Danielle Kincaid
    Depression and Anxiety
  7. I travel with my job and have found that I do not tolerated all the driving as much as I use too. I, also felt like I was not doing what I needed to be doing with my life, I had become dissatisfied with my life in general to the point that I did not have any energy, I was hurting all over but more on the right side of my body. I don't like to take pills so I started looking for a better solution to my problems than going to a doctor that would just prescribe pain pills and tell me to loose weight. I have gain 100 lbs over the past 15 years and just felt like my life was going to end soon if I didn't figure out what the heck was going on with me. I also was having visions of things that were going to happen...and they did happen...I had not way of controlling the situations and I could tell when something was going to happen to someone before it did, I could feel others pain...and I was getting sicker and sicker...When I talked with Amy @ 7pm one evening after searching and finding her 2 hrs away...I felt like she was the person I was to see(I am from the East coast). This morning when I got up I could barely move, it took a few minutes for me to get out of the bed. My right hip, knee and abdomen were killing me. Amy's office was peaceful and beautiful! I was totally at peace being there. She explained what was going on with me...and I was amazed as to how accurate she was. She worked on me for 2 hrs, she handed me a bottle of oil to hold in my right hand...I broke out in a hot-flash type of sweat and the next thing I knew...I was not hurting. I actually went afterwards and walk the rim of the canyon. She gave me some information to follow up on and educate myself with regarding the things that I see and know before they happen and some oils to help with the overwhelming feelings that I had been having. The weird thing is that I am at peace...even though there is a lot going on in my life right now(as in most people have) but I feel OK with everything. I feel blessed that the Lord has lead me to meet Amy and get a blessing from her. What an experience! I certainly feel better than if I was taking a pain pill!!!! It was such a pleasurable experience! Emily
    looking for a better solution to my problems
  8. "Amy has changed my life! After years of seeming to try everything one visit with Amy changed everything. She is amazingly intuitive and has such a gift of love that she shares with all! I have been so gratefully for my own personal healing but even more to share her with my friends and family. Can you imagine a world full of positive energy and love?!? As my journey continues I am so grateful for the blessing she is in my life!" Melinda
    Energy Clearing for Pain
  9. I would just like to say to anyone who may be reading postings on Amy’s page; any time you spend with Amy is well worth it!!!! I have been seeing her for life coaching sessions for a while and every time I come out of her office I am enlightened and lighter in spirit and mind. She has a special way of connecting with what you have going on within you; she makes a connection that you would never think about that brings you to a place of peace. Amy has a way of helping you face your fears head on and coming out feeling victorious and hopeful… It is amazing to me to find out what I have been carrying around with me and I did not even know it!!! Thanks, Amy for all you do and who you are. Kim
    It is amazing to me to find out what I have been carrying around with me
  10. My 4 year old son has a smaller airway and it makes it hard for him to breath and when he gets sick we frequently end up at the hospital. Amy made some "magic" drops for him and it has dramatically decreased the number of hospital visits and number of times he gets sick period. It was a great experience and she made him want to take his drops. THANKS YOU! Laurie
    Homeopathic Remedies
  11. Amy was a great help in showing me how to meditate and clear mind chatter. Its a work in progress but the first time I spoke with her I was pretty amazed with what she was able to find out about me. Jeff
    Clearing Mind Chatter
  12. "I feel really lucky to have met you and had the opportunity to witness your energy healing first hand; you really helped me through a terribly tough time in my life. I continue to use the tools that you taught me everyday...thank you so much for that!" D
    Energy Healing
  13. I came in for hypnosis to stop smoking. I was preparing for surgery and had to stop smoking before I could go under the knife. A great process, I learned a lot about myself. Pual.
    Stop Smoking
  14. What an informative and fun time I am having learning about myself. It is amazing how much I have learned and changed. So many have commented about how much better I am looking. I look and feel taller I.e. slimmer. The change is mostly more water and less, finally no pop! That I am sure will help the very most. I truly believe changing my mental image is the key. Thanks Amy! Merelda
    Weight Loss Class
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