Free yourself from negativity of the mind and transform your life today. We use an intuitive healing method to solve health issues, boost your confidence, and rid you of stress, depression and other dis-eases of the body.

Amy Loughmiller
Life Coach

Intuitive Healing & Natural Remedies

Emotional Well Being 
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Heal Your Life, Mind Body Soul

‎Vanessa N Scott Miller‎ 
Feb 6, 2017
"Thank you Amy!!!! No headache today, energy all day, AND shoulder pain is gone! I can't thank you enough!"

Stefana Standley
 · January 5, 2017
Amy has helped my heart, mind and body in immeasurable ways. As she walks through the shadows with me old patterns are released and new paths are paved. And as each day passes the evidence of change is present with the amount of love I feel for myself. Thank you Amy!

Free yourself from negativity of the mind and transform your life today
We use an intuitive healing method to solve health issues, boost your confidence, and rid stress, depression and other dis-eases of the body.  
  Emotion release is the heart of all intuitive healing. You can live a healthier, happier life free from chronic pain, anxiety, and more. 
We embrace the possibility of change using an intuitive healing method and natural remedies.
  Throughout your intuitive healing journey, Amy will encourage you and guide you toward the possibilities of healthier living free of the limiting beliefs and emotional pain

Emotion Release Therapy
Quantum NLP Life Coach

"In Order to Heal, we must first Forgive..... sometimes the person we must forgive is Ourselves"

 Hypnotherapy is a proven therapy  to address and help many common ailments that affect our daily lives.
Our  approach address the following conditions:
Depression and Anxiety Relief
Fear and Phobias
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Multiple Sclerosis
Insomnia and Sleep Problems
Gastrointestinal, Urinary, and Cardiovascular Issues
Smoking Cessation
Weight Loss
Infertility Issues
Pain-free Natural Child Birth and more

"Dont let life change your goals, because achieving your goals can change your life"

Quantum NLP is the language of the mind and the truth of the soul.  Essentially, it is how we experience the world through our senses. It is defined as an attitude and a methodology that to assign new perspective to an event that we have been unable to resolve.  As we look at our  life with curiosity we are able to step back and observe without judgement.  We look inside and forgive ourselves for our response to a past events. It is those events or people  that keep running through our minds like a broken record and keep up in a hold pattern.  We are able  assign a new  meaning to the situation or life event and allow our mind to be at peace and move forward.
".......anyone can start from now
and make a brand new ending." 

I have seen results in clients struggling with depression, anxiety and stress as we address the body as a whole. Focusing on emotion release first you notice a shift within the area of pain held in the body
be it physical or emotional.

 Are you responding to life perhaps from a trapped emotion that has a generational link.  We identify if it is yours or just a belief that you have held onto that is driving the
"emotion bus".  
Once identified you decide if you want to break the generational pattern.

"A habit is only a habit until you observe it, And then its a choice"

Check out our
Choice to Be Your Authentic Self
Emotion Balance Flower Essence Blends

:Emotional Balance Tip
Take 5 minutes a day to hold space with the Majesty of nature, Let the feeling well up inside of you 

  1. Clouds of depression break with hypnotherapy
    Breaking depression with hypnotherapy
  2. Emotion release therapy to get into the flow of life
    Waves of anxiety
  3. NLP creates a visual for your mind to shelter your pain
    find shelter from the stress in the world
  4. Reach up towards emotional health
    Reach up towards emotional health
  5. DNA healing
    emotions of our ancestors
  6. Live a stress free life
    Snow capped winter is replaced with a new spring

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